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Topics and Links: 2001 Motif Symposium Proceedings and Comments

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - May 31, 2014

Following are postings that pertain to the symposium “Symbols of Our Community…Moving Forward with Motif,” held at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, August 2-4, 2001.

The postings are divided into two parts. In the first part are selections from the symposium proceedings. In the second part are postings that comment on the symposium.

Selections from the 2001 Motif Symposium Proceedings

by Ann Hutchinson Guest
Topics: traveling; stillness; body shape;
by Charlotte Wile
Topics: carving; axial movement; body portions; directions in traveling and axial movement

by Jimmyle Listenbee 
Topic: Still Forms 

by Charlotte Wile - July 16, 2002
Topics: traveling; direction; stillness and pausing; body configurations; body part organization; rotation and revolution; movement literacy

by Tina Curran, Jimmyle Listenbee, Ann Hutchinson Guest, Karen Bell, Warren Lamb

by Odette Blum, Lucy Venable, John Giffin, Jane Dulieu, Jackie Hand, Peggy Hackney Ilene Fox

by  Edward Warburton

by Jimmyle Listenbee and Jessica Lindberg

by Jane Dulieu,
by Jackie Hand

Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium

by Naomi Isaacson - June 8, 2001
Topic: 3-D Shape (Still Forms)

Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium
by Naomi Isaacson - June 8, 2001
Topic: Paths 

by Lucy Venable - June 28, 2001
Topic: Traveling

by Ray Cook - July 2, 2001
Topics: Carving, generic signs, aerial movement, paths, stillness

by Lucy Venable - July 2, 2001
Topic: Still forms

Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium
by Charlotte Wile - July 2, 2001
Topics: Stillness, traveling, Still Forms

by Ray Cook - July 9, 2001
Topic: Path signs

by Lindsey Hanahan - September 4, 2001
Topic: Carving

by Charlotte Wile - October 11, 2001
Topic: Generic shape indications

by Peggy Hackney - November 9, 2001
Topic: Shape qualities

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