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Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium – Stillness, Traveling, Still Forms

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - July 2, 2001

Many thanks Ann and Jimmyle for your informative write-ups of the symposium theory topics, and Lucy, Ray, and Naomi for your excellent feedback. Here are a few thoughts that came to mind when I read the postings.

1. Ann - In your discussion of Stillness you say "Charlotte Wile had the idea of giving Stillness the meaning of 'retained intent', thinking that it should retained the quality, the direction of the previous movement." It is true that I did think that some time ago. However, as can be seen in my March 22, 1999 posting in the Stillness and Pauses Thread of the Bulletin Board, I now feel that intent expressed during Stillness could be a continuation of the intent of previous movement, a preview of subsequent movement, or an attitude that only occurs during the Stillness.

2. Lucy - I too feel that the Meandering Path indication should indicate a curved path (your example a), and I like your use of arrows to specifying the direction of the path (your examples b and c).

I agree with you that there is a need for a sign that says "travel," "go." I discussed an idea for such an "umbrella" sign in my February 25, 2000 posting in the Bulletin Board's traveling thread. For further ideas, see the other postings in the thread.

3. Jimmyle - In your definition of Still Forms you say that they are "motionless" poses. I think the Forms can also occur during movement, e.g., the body could be Wall-like while it jumps or turns, or Pin-like while it rolls. Also, you say that the Forms are "postural." What about Still Forms in discrete body parts, such as a Ball-like hand or Screw-like legs?

The sign that you give for the Screw Sill Form (my example 1below) was the one Peggy Hackney gave in Making Connections (1998). However, in "Theory Talksite," Movement News, LIMS, 1996, Peggy used a different sign, which is shown below in example 2. I prefer the older sign because I think it looks more "Screw-like."

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