Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium – 3-D Shape

Submitted by Naomi Isaacson - June 8, 2001

The theory discussions on Motif have raised myriad questions and had me pounding away on my computer; but most of this still has to be sorted out into compartments, as I tend to go off wildly on tangents more concerned with the philosophy than the structure.

However, re the indication of 2-D (specifically 'wall') and 3-D shape, [Guest, June 5, 2001] the idea of a vertical line inside the shape symbol (not actually illustrated in Ann's example) seems clear and simple, if not visually indicative of three-dimensionality. For a more visual impact, while I realize we are concerned with symbolization rather than representation, would it not be quite easy to give a perspective indication, such as a simple box for a 3D square shape, and a circle with one side shaded to show depth? 3D animation programs use quite clear icons to show fairly detailed shapes; perhaps we could draw from them somehow? I know we want to spend minimal time drawing symbols, but as we can now notate on computer this should be less of a problem and clearer to readers.

Do we have a way of stating "angular" rather than "square"? Please forgive any questions stemming from not being up-to-date with all the latest developments (or having a better 'forgettery' than memory); but I should join the mainstream rather than developing my own dialect as I've done for many years operating in isolation.

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