Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium – Path Signs

Submitted by Ray Cook - July 9, 2001

Here are some further ideas for specifying the meaning of path signs. Notice that I agree with the use of the curved signs to mean a curved path (see Lucy Venable's June 28 posting in this thread).

Ex. a) One straight path.
Ex. b) One circular path.
Ex. c) One curved path.
Ex. d) Two straight paths.
Ex. e) This presents a problem in that it means two complete circles. However, in Ex. f) there are two complete curves and Ex. g) represents two complete straight paths. The unstated fact is that in Ex. e) you must end up where you started.
Ex. h) Must change from clockwise to counterclockwise or the approximate opposite.
Ex. i) Any number of straight paths. (See Charlotte Wile's June 5 posting in this thread for the idea of the sign for "any number.")
Ex. j) Any number of circular paths.
Ex. k) Any number of curved paths.

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