Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium – Shape Qualities

Submitted by Peggy Hackney - November 9, 2001

Response to Lindsey Hanahan’s September 4, 2001 and Charlotte Wile’s October 11, 2001 Postings

Lindsey's suggestion for Carving is meritorious. The fact that the curlicue goes on only one end of the symbol will keep it consistent with the Directional Mode of Shape Change.

It also occurs to me that it could be used in the New York version of the Shape Qualities in the same way that the Directional Spoke-Like or Arch-like is used --on one end of the Shape Quality symbol. This would definitely free the Shape Qualities symbols (the ones that look like the Effort Symbols) to be used for generic Rising, Sinking, etc. I still prefer my system, but am open to talking.

I like the Any Shape Mode symbol that Charlotte has put on the Bulletin Board, as per our discussions at OSU this last summer.

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