Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium – Generic Shape Indications

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - October 11, 2001

At the Motif Symposium at Ohio State (August 2001), Peggy Hackney, Jackie Hand and I had a brief, impromptu conversation about generic signs for the "Shape" component of movement.

In our discussion we confirmed that the sign with two slanted lines // is the generic indication for any aspect of "Shape." We felt it would also be useful to have generic signs for individual aspects, e.g., signs for "any Shape Mode" (also called "Modes of Shape Change"), "any Shape Quality," and "any Shape Form" (also called Still Forms).

The paradigm below shows Shape indications. Red boxes show where signs need to be developed.

Example b) is a sign we thought of for "any Shape Mode." It is comprised of the generic sign for "Shape" and an ad lib. sign. What do others think of this sign?

Signs for "any Still Form" (Ex. c) and "any Shape Quality" (Ex. d) need further consideration. Does anyone have ideas for them?

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