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Topics and Links: DNB Theory Discussions, 1999 - present

Submitted by Charlotte Wile and Mei-Chen Lu - May 12, 2014

The following contains a lists of topics for DNB theory meetings and related discussions from 1999 to present.

       Topics: flexion, bending/folding - unspecified amount 

       Topics: middle level shifts; "an action" vs. "any action."

        Topic: bending – use of the term.

Minutes for the Theory Meeting, June 2003 (Posting #3)
        Topic: general indication for turning on a path
        Topics: mapping Core Working Group meetings; how is Motif Notation being used – directions; motion/destination; place middle; action/appropriate action; stillness/pausing; criteria for developing notation; flexion/extension; standardization of notation; duration of fixed length symbols; turns/rotation; traveling/paths; weight transference; gestural traveling and paths; body portion involvement (whole body/body part).

       Topics: the meaning of a vertical straight line; flexion/extension; stillness; criteria for developing Motif Notation; successive and simultaneous; increase/decrease; center (place middle); direction; dimensions and planes; weight transference; stepping; springs (aerial movement).

       Topics: theory meeting procedures; turns and paths; ballroom dance.

       Topics: altitudes; notating African dance; turns and paths in ballroom dance; top of the head.

       Topics: stepping signs in Motif Notation; notating African dance.

       Topics: floor work staff; bar lines; repeat signs Graham contractions; Addendum - African dance.

       Topics: XML; amount and size of paths.

       Topics: inclusion bows; facing for thumb side of hand; generic cartwheel sign; touching leg gestures.

       Topics: African dance; generic accent sign; generic dynamic signs; phrasing indications; Kinesphere indications; time value of flexion/extension.

       Topics: African dance; palm facing; accent, emphasis; stillness; notation rules.

       Topics: palm and thumb facing; The term “Front Sign”; counting issues; Graham hand and torso contractions; entrances and exits; direction signs – progression of specificity.

       Topics: “Dance Forms” software; distance.

       Topics: near and far; African dance.

       Topics: gestures in circular paths. African dance.         

       Topics: gestures in circular paths; writing the intent of movement; diagonal paths; African dance; initiation sign.

       Topic: timing of touching gestures.

       Topics: timing for supports; remaining over the center of weight; timing of touching gestures; passing and transient touch; lollipop direction symbols.

       Topics: teaching Labanotation; touching gestures; unit timing and specific timing; transient touch.

       Topics: unit timing, revolving on a straight path.

        Topics: revolving on a straight path (swiveling and non-swiveling); unit timing and exact timing; zed carets; focal point; notating various dance styles/genre.

       Topic: photos of meeting participants.

       Topics: ICKL Motif Fellows; unit timing; modification of the “phrasing bow”; indication of the “same” and “different”; diagonal pathways; “any circular path”; indication of distance; duration of flexion; stillness in a starting position; hold sign with gestures; tempo.

       Topics: transient touch; “spring points” (timing of support-touch).

       Topics: unit timing; unfolding sign vs. the back to normal sign; distance indications; flexion and extension.

       Topics: timing of support bows.

       Topics: relationship bows; length of modifying bows; body hold sign; distance indications; turning on a straight path.

       Topics: timing of relationships; timing of vertical bows; body holds and space holds; “measurement signs” and “space signs”; misuse and inconsistency in LN terminology; leg gesture distance from floor vs. the legs distance from each other; swiveling vs. non-swiveling supports; Zack Brown's ICKL proposal.

       Topics: ICKL Motif fellows; “any prime action” vs. “any movement”; tempo signs; revised Agbadza score; movement paradigms and categories; Effort without an action indication; vertical line (terms and meaning).

       Topics: ICKL Motif fellows proposal; palm facing; the reading of pre-signs; phrasing; inclusion bows; generic cartwheel sign; touching leg gesture; accent, emphasis; phrasing; generic Dynamic sign; kinesphere sign; stillness; distance; transient touch; flexion, extension.

       Topics: The role of stagers, reconstructors, and notators; holding and canceling Supports; “weight shift,” “weight transference,” and “steps”; the significance of terms; tilting and shifting.

       Topics: P.W. Pluto’s Paper concerning the timing of supports in tango movement; ownership of scores.

       Topic: steps.

       Topics: Dynamics; Effort.

Minutes for the Open Theory Meeting, August 4, 2010                          
       Topics: tick marks and bar lines; timing and interpretation of steps.

Minutes for the Open Theory Meeting, November 17, 2010 
       Topics: guidelines for ICKL papers; tick marks; timing and interpretation of steps; interpreting notation.

       Topics: “weight”; symbols in relation to tick marks; tap dance; touching/sliding foot hooks; ICKL conference.

       Topic: transient touch; timing of touching gestures; tap dance.

Minutes for the Open Theory Meeting, October 20, 2011
       Topics: distance of a step; placement of a the feet; unit and specific timing; touching gestures.

       Topics: rhythm; unit and specific timing; flexibility vs. rules in Labanotation; altitude and measurement indication.

       Topic: Central, Peripheral, and Transverse (tension, pathways, body portions, initiation).

       Topics: differences between Motif Notation and Labanotation; African dance.

       Topics: thematic notation; KineScribe; Zack Brown's Labanotation text; direction for gestures vs. supports; secret turns.

       Topics: flexion indications in an increasing sign; design drawing on a high surface; phrasing of direction signs.

Minutes for the DNB Theory Meeting, October 13, 2015
     Topics: What process do people use to write notation? How should Labanotation reading and writing be taught?; The derivation of relationship bows; Swinging; Initiation bows.

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