Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Response to The "Any" Symbols, part 3

A Response to Ann Hutchinson Guest’s "Any" Symbols on March 27, 2003 and Lucy Venable’s April 30, 2003 Postings in the “Any Sign” Thread
Submitted by Ray Cook – September 22, 2003

In Ann’s posting she says that the basic symbols for air work should be changed to accommodate children’s questions. I feel this is not a strong enough reason to change the system.

Re: Lucy’s examples 2a-2d. “Appropriate” would mean that the symbol would be read differently in different cultures. It is better to have the plain line (my Ex. a below) mean “any movement.” There is no symbol for “appropriate,” so it should be glossarized until one is found.

Therefore, my Ex. b below indicates “any movement ending in any support,” making examples 2a-2d in Lucy’s posting superfluous.

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