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The 'Any' Symbols

The 'Any' Symbols
Submitted by Ann Hunchinson Guest - March 27, 2003

More than one person has requested that all the 'any' symbols have the 'any' symbol (the horizontal wavy line) added to them.

Any Spring. The need for this came up in an interesting way when I was teaching with Sean Murphy the K and Grade I children at Medford Elementary Schools. Sean had already given them (unbeknownst to me) the double support sign for a jump, 1a. When I came along with the basic sign for any kind of spring, 1b, they saw that as one foot to one foot. And why not? Either one to either one? With the 'any' sign, 1c, there would be no doubt.

Any Rotation. Looking at the list of signs, I thought there should be no problem in making "any form of rotation," 2a, into 2b, the any sign making the message very clear.

Any Change of Support. The sign of 3a should perhaps become 3b?

Any Balance, Falling. I am not sure about these. Balance, 4a, is balance, we are not talking about what the support is, nor what shape of the body is being balanced. What about falling, 4b? It could be in any direction, would it help to add the 'any' sign, 4c? Too many lines? I have reservations about this one.

The other signs already have the 'any' sign, so it would then line up.

In the case of balance we have logic versus people wanting conformity. I am all for encouraging movement logic, but not all people are up to that in the early stages, so we have to be helpful.

Tina Curran, Jane Dulieu and our associates are well into revision of the Your Move book. It is therefore important that decisions on this be made soon. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. If we do not hear, we trust this means that you are in agreement.

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