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Re: Analysis of Directional Movement. part 1

Re: Analysis of Directional Movement, part 1
Submitted By Leslie Bishko - June 7, 2002
[The following was originally posted on the LabanTalk and CMAPlus list servs May 30, 2002]

Thanks to Ann for this important lesson! [See Ann Hutchinson Guest, Theory Bulletin Board, “Names for What We Do” thread, June 7, 2002.] Jeffrey [Longstaff] and I have been carrying on this dialogue since Feb. and he recently illuminated me to the various systems of reference, which I then found was sitting right here on my bookshelf, on pp. 414-433 of your book, Labanotation. I have vague recollections of covering this material during my Cert. program.

To Oliver: the work you are describing is something I set out to do when I discovered the Laban material 12 years ago. [See Oliver Bandel, Theory Bulletin Board, “Names for What We Do” thread, June 7, 2002.] My efforts towards this gave way to other things, but several of Norm Badler's graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania achieved an Effort/Shape model which they presented at SIGGRAPH in 2000. Their paper is available in the printed proceedings, but not on-line. Since that time, they have continued to apply Effort as part of Jack, their ergonomic figure movement simulation system. I believe the methods they used to code Effort/Shape have been implemented in Softimage's XSI animation software as part of the multiresolution curve editing. At the same time, the DNB and Credo have been working together to build the foundation for an exchange between Laban Writer and Lifeforms: notation into animation and vice versa. This has been mainly a task of creating a linguistic architecture through which commands can be passed between the two programs.

Here are all the links:

"The EMOTE Model for Effort and Shape," SIGGRAPH 2000, Computer Graphics Annual Conference New Orleans, Louisiana, 23-28 July, 2000, pp. 173-182. (Diane Chi, Monica Costa, Liwei Zhao, and Norm Badler).

I am writing some short LMA essays on animation which will be on my website by the end of this week: www.eciad.bc.ca/~lbishko.

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