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Effort Discussions 3 [Terminology]

Effort Discussions 3 [Terminology]
By Kate Jobe - Submitted June 6, 2000
Originally posted on LabanTalk, March 24, 2000

Dear Ann and all,

This is a fascinating discussion that I would love to see be taken further in a conference as you propose. You ask us to clarify some assumptions that come about from being "inside" a system. There are deep philosophical questions here too, such as: are the body changes like the ones you talk about in yourself, only causal and Newtonian (aging) or are there other non-Newtonian elements at work?

There are many other questions too like the use of the word "effort" where Laban's original German word was more accurate "Antreib." (We already see it misunderstood by Lisa in your report.)

Thanks for your thinking.

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