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Symbols for the Psychological and Physical Kinespheres

Symbols for the Psychological and Physical Kinespheres
Submitted by Charlotte Wile - February 17, 2004

I found the discussion of the “psychological” and “physical” kinespheres very interesting (Adrienne Proctor et. al., February 17, 2004, Spatial Locations and Directions thread). How should those concepts be notated?

Some people use a “k” inside a circle to indicate the kinesphere (Ex. a below). However, I would be in favor of finding another symbol, since the “k” is already used to show “folding over the right side.”

What might work better?

Here’s one possibility. An open circle (the kinesphere) and space signs could be used to show a “small kinesphere” (Ex. b), medium size kinesphere (Ex. c), or large kinesphere (Ex. d). “Any size kinesphere” could indicated as in Ex. e.

Unless indicated otherwise, the signs would stipulate physical kinespheres. Perhaps psychological kinespheres could be depicted by putting the signs in an intent bow, as in Ex. f.

Other ideas anyone?

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