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Response to "Sign for the Carving Shape Mode", part 3

Response to "Sign for the Carving Shape Mode", part 3
Submitted by Ann Hutchinson Guest - February 10, 2000

Charlotte, Oct. 5, '99: I like her Ex.CWc), it visually suggests the idea. Now, as I read Charlotte's response, Nov. 10, '99. I have to say I am not a CMA and may be lacking in necessary background, my understanding of carving is that it is gestural, while molding is a change in the torso and general body shape. A little tutoring needed here, I am sure.

'Any' Symbols
In reading C. Wile Nov. 10, '99, I don't see Ex. CWb) as meaning 'any shape', to me it means "we are talking about shape. The same with Ex. CWc), to me it means "effort is the topic." I would prefer the any sign to be added to these two. You are right, you listed Motif signs which do not incorporate the 'any' sign. We here have been discussing whether these signs should have the ad lib sign added, to be consistent. No doubt it would help beginners - one less thing to have to learn. Thus 'any rotation' could be A1 here; any part of the body would be A2, and any weight transference would have the 'any' added at the base, as LOD does with the basic sign: A3 meaning any action; A3. The basic action stoke used in CWf) in our usage means an action linked appropriately to the movement context. I may need to remind people that this difference came up as a necessity because of the use of the action stroke in Structured Description. There, by itself, it does not mean "do any action you want." I think we all feel the need to link Motif and Structured uses in Labanotation; they can no longer be considered separate disciplines, Motif must lead to Structured without conflict in meanings.

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