Friday, January 22, 2010

Sign for Random, Meandering, Free Form Traveling

Sign for Random, Meandering, Free Form Traveling
Submitted by Ann Hutchinson Guest - November 1, 2002

I believe that we all want to change the old sign for meandering, Ex. 1 here.

Of the ideas put forward and attempts at better signs, the following seems so far to have gained the most support, Ex. 2.

The new sign is a combination of the any path sign and an arrow indicating ‘going’, a progression. The arrow is used, of course, on floor plans with this meaning, but also in Labanotation as indicating the direction of progression. This seems an appropriate combination to serve as the sign for random, meandering, free form traveling, as the direction of progression is “any path”. This change will mean that the sign of Ex. 1 can mean curving, which so many people have wanted it to mean.

As you may know, I, together with Tina Curran and Jane Dulieu, are in the process of revising the book Your Move. This sign comes up in Chapter Two, hence there is an immediate need to achieve a decision which can go into the revised book.

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