Friday, January 22, 2010

Sign for Meandering

Sign for Meandering
Submitted by Ann Hutchinson Guest - June 3, 2002

Tina Curran, Jane Dilieu and I are embarking on the project of revising the Your Move book. We expect to get started quite soon as there is much to be adjusted. The teacher's notes are to be incorporated into the main book, etc. as wished by the publisher.

I feel we really must tackle the problem of a really appropriate sign for meandering. What we have now is makeshift, long standing, I know, but not right. My idea for it now is the 'any path' sign with a curlicue (like a pig's tail) at the end of the ad lib. sign on the right. This both at the bottom and at the top of the sign. (Ex. 1)

The present meandering sign with the half circle at top and bottom, would then be the 'curving' sign, that is curving without making or having in mind a circular path, i.e. the pull of a central focal point. The kind of curving which comes in waltzing. (Ex. 2) We would eliminate the sign we made up for curving which has the arrows added to the top right and bottom left. Perhaps the curving sign could have the arrows added to show if the curving is to the right (clockwise) or to the left (anticlockwise). (Ex. 3 and 4)

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