Monday, January 25, 2010

Response to “Physically Central, Peripheral ; Spatially Central, Physical”

Response to “Physically Central, Peripheral ; Spatially Central, Physical
Submitted by Charlotte Wile - November 6, 2006

I believe the concept of “spatially central and peripheral” that Ann discusses is the same as the LMA concept of “reach space.” In the LMA paradigm there are three variables: “near reach” (moving in a small kinesphere), “middle reach” (moving in a medium size kinesphere), and “far reach” (moving in a large kinesphere).

Following this idea, perhaps the set of spatial symbols in Ann’s essay could be expanded to include spatially central (Ex. 1a), spatially midway (Ex. 1b), and spatially peripheral (Ex. 1c).

Likewise, the physical symbols could also have three variables: physically central (Ex. 1d), physically midway (Ex. 1e), and physically peripheral (Ex. 1f). For instance, for the arm the central part would the shoulder and upper arm. The midway part would be the elbow and lower arm. The peripheral part would be the hand.

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