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Re: Questions About Turns and Paths, part 1

Re: Questions About Turns and Paths, part 1
Submitted by DNB notators - February 20, 2007

Following are answers to Fred Bolder's questions in his Feb 5, 2005 posting.

- Question: Does Ex. 1a in Fred's posting mean the same as Ex. 1b?

Answer: Ex. 1a is a pivot turn, stepping forward with swiveling. Ex. 1b indicates stepping onto the arc of a circle, as in 1e, with no swiveling.

- Question: Does the length of the vertical bows matter in Ex. 1a, 1c, and 1d?

Answer: Ex. 1a and 1c both indicate a full overlap of the turn and the step. However, while Ex. 1a is theoretically correct, the convention is to write as in 1c. Ex. 1c and 1d also have the same meaning, but 1c would be the preferred way to draw the indication.

- Question: Does Ex. 2a mean the same thing as Ex. 2b? Is 2b the correct way to indicate a circular path using forward as well as side movements?

Answer: What is written in 2a and 2b is not possible as written because one cannot travel on a path when stepping in place (count 3). In both examples there is insufficient information in the notation for what we think you are trying to convey.

One way to show a circular path produced with steps in different directions is shown below.

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