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Response to "Gathering and Scattering Indications"

Response to "Gathering and Scattering Indications"
Submitted by Ray Cook - January 25, 2005

In all the examples given in Charlotte Wile’s November 23 posting, the wording for describing symbols is vague because it does not clarify whether it is a limb on a side of the body (e.g., a left arm) or a location in space (e.g, in a left direction).

My idea of gather/scatter refers to Ann Hutchinson, Labanotation: The System of Analyzing and Recording Movement (p. 508), where signs for left/right gathering refers to gathering from the left etc., no a limb on the left side etc.

As for the various paradigms, I prefer the ideas expressed in examples 1a-g, but this needs further discussion.

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