Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Response to "Stance for Head Rotation"

Response to "Stance for Head Rotation"
Submitted by Ray Cook - September 21, 2001

1. Question: The use of "Stance Key" within the text is confusing. Could it be replaced with "Rotation-Stance"?

2. Perhaps your new idea could also apply to other body parts. For instance, maybe you could add an example for chest facing using "Rotation-Stance."
3. To be sure that the reader understands the theory, perhaps you could add an example for your 2a and 2d when facing upstage left.
4. To be sure that all theory possibilities are covered, we do need your new idea. However, personally I never tell dancers how much to rotate the head (e.g., "rotate 1/16"). I say where to look, in which case I just write stage facing signs. Alternately, I say to turn the head a little; for this I would use the sign for small and not stage facing indications.

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