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Re: Symbols for Dimensions and Planes, part 1

Re: Symbols for Dimensions and Planes, part 1
Submitted by Oliver Bandel - April 26, 2005

Highly interesting papers! :)

The Symbols, as described in the first paper [Carl Wolz, " A Proposal for Symbols for the Three Primary Axes and the Three Primary Planes] are already in use. So, publishing this proposal now is a kind of late documentation.

Some comments to this paper:
- At the pictures 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 there are typos:
for 3.2 the text is: "Horizontal or Lateral Axis
for 3.3 the text is: "Lateral Axis",
so possibly we have two lateral axis' here?!
- At section 9.0 in the picture are always the same symbols used, but I think it should be an example on how to use the six different symbols in a graph paper. So 5 of 6 symbols are missing in the example.

[Moderator's note: These changes will be made in Peggy Hackney's posting.]

It may be added (proposal) that writing the emphasized lines (for axis/planes) bold and the so called "dashed" lines in a finer way; so this could improve readability.

On the second paper of this text [Peggy Hackney, "Symbols for Dimensions and Planes (Developed by Carl Wolz in 1983)" ] I only can mention that using these symbols in a motif is new to me, and I like it very much to write a motif with such symbols. That's a very good idea, how it is used there (and using the stressing-modifier here is IMHO a very good idea too).

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