Monday, January 25, 2010

Re: What is Effort, part 3

Re: What is Effort, part 3
Submitted by Charlotte Wile - September 22, 2000

I've been thinking about how one could notate the ideas Yoshiko Makita, Barbara Adrian, Katrina Hawley, Michelle Minnick, and Susanne Eckel discuss in their September 22 postings in this thread. In my opinion, unless indicated otherwise, one should assume that an Effort indication states what the Effort looks like to the observer. How then could one indicate that an Effort quality the mover thinks he is expressing is different from what the observer sees? Of course, a glossary could stipulate that Effort indications show the mover's perception. Here's another idea: perhaps it could be done with color; e.g., black could represent the observer's perception and red could show the mover's perception. Separate brackets could be used, as in 1a, or both perspectives could be indicated in one bracket, as in 1b. (The newest version of LabanWriter makes it easy to notate in color.)

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