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LIMS Conference-Thanks for the Memories

LIMS Conference-Thanks for the Memories
Submitted by Peggy Hackney – June 29, 2004
Originally posted on CMAlist, June 21, 2004

Just wanted to thank everyone who organized and/or presented at the LIMS Conference in Long Beach. [Defining, Developing and Marketing LMA: Building Bridges, Crossing Boundaries, Strengthening Bonds, June 18-20, 2004, Long Beach, California, California State University Long Beach]

Here are some of my fond memories (not in order of importance, but in order of experience):

--Being with all of my wonderful friends and colleagues!! What a fabulous group of people! I am always thrilled to be able to catch up with everyone, even if all too briefly!

--"Going Viral" as a way of thinking about marketing ourselves, and finding out that viruses are the closest organisms to aliens that exist on this planet. We have no idea how they work! Wow.

--Warren Lamb's workshop reminded me again and again of the importance of basic simplicity in our work as we present it to others. I am hoping that as we simplify we don't lose our connection to Meaning.

--Betsy Wetzig's work with Coordination Patterns brought me back to questions around the relationship of first-firing muscle activation as an ingredient in "style."

--I enjoyed, as always, working with my colleague Janice Meaden to share our work on moving beyond polarity as we work with parts of ourselves, our Inner Characters, to value our own inner diversity as we move to Wholeness.

--My Congratulations to all the awards recipients! I loved being with the ones who were there, and celebrate their years of accomplishments and service. Wish that all could have been present.

--Kate Jobe's Process Work was an all too brief foray into an area that needs a lot more time...and presence of all concerned people in our community. I thoroughly enjoyed moving and viewing the movement of others in terms of our experience of the Laban Community. I value Kate's work in the world as an avenue to a peace that is not without difference.

--Bob Bejan was a dynamo! What a great presence, full of Passion Drive as well as very specific action-oriented suggestions for marketing our work in the larger arenas. I am grateful for a wonderful session. And I am staying with my vision of my larger "non-episodic plan" for growth of our inclusive Laban Community in spite of momentary episodes of non-inclusivity at this conference (which I attribute to a lapse in what Bob might call "tuning" preparation for the specific population of Laban/Bartenieff population in the West).

--Suzie Tortora's presentation of how she constantly markets and shares her work with the early childhood professionals was a total inspiration! What depth of organization and thought! I was moved to tears to see the beautiful autistic child, Evan, jumping with a thoroughly activated body expressing himself so fully at the end of arduous weeks of Dance Therapy sessions by Suzie!

--I was exhausted by the end of the day, but enjoyed working with Phrasing in my session, and have already taken the wording "Phrase Patterns," that came up in the session back to our IMS students here in Salt Lake today. We used to call those increase-decrease bows, etc. "Phrase Types," but our faculty felt that was slightly misleading. So, since Phrasing is really about revealing the patterns and sequencing of constellations of elements, the wording, "Phrase Patterns" seems good. Thanks to all participants!

--What amazing performers! The Concert was just full of great performers! Very dynamic and full!

--Cheryl Adams' presentation of LMA in the English classroom stimulated a lot of excitement in me around working with literary characters in Cert. training. What about Hamlet with all his mixed messages in Body/Effort/Shape/Space, etc. etc. This is a kind of complexity that would be very juicy for all of us to work with.

--Lesley Powell's work with Fundamentals and Pilates is still resonating with me as I played with exploring my own "spinal hug" with my multifidi muscles and my embracing transversus abdominus and engaged pelvic floor as I took our Fundamentals class today.

--It was wonderful to hear/witness everyone's phrases of what they were taking away in the closing circle.

So---those were a few of my many memories. Of course, I was not able to attend all the concurrent sessions. THANKS TO ALL!

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