Friday, January 22, 2010

Intention Bow

Intention  Bow
Submitted by Charlotte Wile - March 29, 1999

Here is some further information about the "intention bow."

Ann Hutchinson Guest discusses the bow in The Labanotator, no. 50, Jan. 1988; no 53, 1988; no. 72, July 1993. She says the idea for the bow stared in a discussion she had in 1955 with Jean Cebron, who was a student at Leeder's school. He suggested that a heart shaped symbol could be used when one wanted to express feeling or emotions in movement (since emotions come from the heart). Ann took the idea of the heart shape and turned it into a bow.

I should note that in the Labanotator article the bow is just referred to as a "curved bow." In the 1985 ICKL conference proceedings (pp. 59-60) it is called an "intention bow."

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