Friday, January 22, 2010

Indicating "Any Fall"

Indicating "Any Fall"
Submitted by Charlotte Wile - November, 5, 1999

I have an new idea a for way to notate "any fall"; i.e., a "fall in an unspecified direction."

Traditionally that statement is made with the sign shown in Ex. a). The indication contains the sign for "on balance" with a slash through it; i.e., "don’t be on balance." (See Guest, Ann Hutchinson, Your Move, 1995, p. 125.)

I think "any fall" could also be depicted with the indication shown in Ex. b). It consists of the sign for gravity plus the basic sign for tilting; i.e., the center of gravity goes in any tilted direction. (The basic sign for "tilting" is discussed in Your Move, p. 271)

I think Ex. a) and b) would both be useful indications for Motif Description, depending upon the intent of the movement. Ex. a) relates falling to the balanced state. Ex. b) focuses on falling into space.

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