Friday, January 22, 2010

Circular Paths – New Symbology

Circular Paths – New Symbology
Submitted by Ann Hutchinson Guest and Charlotte Wile – June 29, 2004

The signs for circular paths are based on the signs for rotations: Ex. 1a is related to 1b; 1c is related to 1d; 1e is related to 1f, and so on.

Ex. 2a is the established sign for a somersault rotation either way, i.e. either forward or backward.

Logically the symbol for a somersault path (sagittal path) either way should be as Ex. 2b.

The previous decision for the sign for either somersault path was Ex. 2c. Because the symbol for any form of rotation is 2d, logically the symbol for any circular path should be 2e.

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