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Axial Movement

Axial Movement
Submitted by Ann Hutchinson Guest - February 10, 2000

Charlotte Wile's June 10th, '99 submission and Lucy Apr. 23, '99, (I don't seem to have copies of the previous material): I am not happy with use of the spot hold sign for axial movement, ex. CWa), although it is a possibility. Lucy's background notes on axial movement were most helpful. Her example, LVa) needs an action line, as in A1.

Use in some way of the place (vertical) sign certainly seems logical, but we are up against the uses of the ad lib. sign with this rectangle. Ex. CWe) can't mean "any vertical direction". There is only one vertical direction, it is a question of level - up, down, or at the middle. And that is shown by the ad lib. sign being placed inside, vertically, A2. I find CWf) too vague, although it could be learned, but then - anything can be learned! Ray Cook's suggestion of June 10th, RC, states nothing about number of movements; I would not know how to interpret it. Would it relate to the sign for 'either side', A3?

Much as we hate negative statements, the simplest solution could be to indicate no traveling, the 'any traveling' sign crossed out, A4.


Charlotte's ending question brings up the need for a sign for 'any number'. This need arises elsewhere. Knust provided a sign for number of people, K1, another for number of steps (distance), K2, but number of movements does not come up in structured description. Any suggestions?

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