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Ann Hutchinson Guest's ICKL Card File

Ann Hutchinson Guest's ICKL Card File
Submitted by Charlotte Wile - April 27, 2009

[On February 4, 2009 Ann Hutchinson Guest sent the following message to LabanTalk listserve.]

“When checking a notation point recently, I looked into the card file that I have for ICKL TOPICS. There is a wealth of material there, many cards with notes. The main headings are:

1. Current Discussions,
2. Clarification; Terminology Clarification,
3. Unsolved Differences; Old Differences,
4. New Ideas,
5. Signs Needed,
6. Motif Ideas, Needs,
7. Shorthand,
8. Conflicts in the System,
9. Signs not already used,
10. Solved Differences.

Many have Maria Szentpal's writing on them, probably when she came to stay here for extra notation discussions. I must check the date of her death as almost all are not dated (I found one marked '87). A quick glance led me to believe that several items were solved.

This is a terrific treasure trove for anyone interested in working on the cards, bringing them up to date and finding topics that would be valua

ble for future ICKL technical discussions. I don't have time for this right now, but maybe someone else might be interested? A copy of the cards can be made. Sorting it all out would be a major contribution. I am thinking back to the 282 difference between LN and KIN and how we used to concentrate on those, trying to get unification, which, for an amazing number, we did.”

Dr. Guest gave me permission to put facsimiles of the cards on line. They are shown in the attachments below.


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