Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Dance Director, by Ray Cook

Contributed by Ray Cook
Submitted by Charlotte Wile - April 3, 2014

This posting contains a facsimile of Ray Cook's The Dance Director, revised and enlarged edition (1981).  

Cook describes the book as follows:

"This book is designed for use by both student and teacher. The student will find that the material is self-explanatory and will be able to work at his own pace, applying the suggestions to his reading studies. The teacher may use it as a guideline in teaching a course on directing or reconstruction, adding many more examples than given here. The material is useful for any class utilizing Labanotation. The lay reader who enjoys the dance can come to appreciate the complexities of the process which leads to that sometimes all-inspiring dance performance." (p. 2)
The PDF facsimile of the full book is very large, so it is being posted here in 5 sections. (Note: Blank pages in the book have been left out of the facsimile).

1)   Cover to page 37.

2)   Pages 38 to 74.

3)   Pages 75 to 109.

4)   Pages 110 to 148.

5)   Page 149 to the end.

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