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Bullet-In-Stead (1994-2003)

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - June 16, 2010

One of my favorite resources for information on Motif Notation is the LODC journal Bullet-In-Stead. Ann Hutchinson Guest has generously given the Dance Notation Bureau permission to put facsimiles of this informative journal on line.

The journal was published under two names: Bullet-In-Stead! Teaching Ideas From the Language of Dance Association, and Bullet-In-Stead!: Motif Issues From the Language of Dance Association.  Facsimiles of all journal issues published to date (1994-2003) are included in this posting.

Issue No. 1, January 1994
Topics: Combining Turning and Springing; Choreographic Structure – The A-B-A Form

Issue No. 2, June 1994
Topics: To Spring is the Thing (A Look at Some Springing Ballet Steps); In a Nutshell (Explanation of Symbols); Log-A-Rhythms (Rhythmic Leap Patterns in ¾, What Does a ‘Leap’ Comprise?); Meet-A-Metre

Issue No. 3, January 1995
Topics: Meandering Symbol-A New Idea; Interpretation of 'Any Path'; 'Path' Versus 'Traveling' (Inner Motivation, Focus on Floor Plan); Meandering; Curving; Circling; Path Sign Hierarchy; Path Signs and Room Areas; A' Step'; Movement of Body-As-A-Whole or of a Part

Issue No. 4, June 1995
Topics: Motion Destination (Gestures – Destination, Body-as-a-Whole – Motion); 'On Tour' – Motion; ‘Home Base’ – Centre Point;  ‘On Tour’ – Motion (Traveling) for Gestures; Destination for Travelling; Motion – Toward, Away From An Established Point; Terminology, Clarification; Motion Versus Destination; Standard Description for Steps: Motion; Resulting Space Patterns; Distance for Motion; Traveling: Motion Toward; Gestures: Motion Toward a Point; Motion Examples for Specific Parts (Motion for a Leg Gesture, Motion for the Head); Recapitulation on Motion, Destination Space Patterns

Issue No. 5, January 1996
Topics: How Do We Interpret the Symbol for Forward; Toward, Away From the Torso; Sagittal Separating, Joining; Diagonal Separating and Closing; Consecutive Circular Paths; Stillness During Continuous Circling; Spiral In or Out; Zig-Zag Path; A Wending Path; Elliptical Circles; Comment on Issue No. 4 - Tilting, 'Taking a Direction'

Issue No. 6, June 1996
Topics: Terminology ('Spring', 'Elongate vs. 'Expand', 'Bend', 'Stillness'); Path Signs; Drawing of Flexion Signs; Where Exactly?; The Areas of High, Low and Horizontal (Middle); Exploring the High Area; Exploring the Low Area; exploring the Horizontal (Middle Area); Conclusion; Symbology (Sign for 'An Area' Combined With a Direction Sign); 'On' Different Levels, 'At' Different Levels; Gestures in the Area of a Level; Comments from Issue No. 5 (Gesture Pre-signs)

Issue No. 7, January, 1997
Topics: "Change Level"; Direction (Columns Around the Dimensions, The Planes, Exploring the Areas of the Levels, Effect of Accompanying Details); What Are the Instructions? Is the Intention Clear or Discernible? (Freedom of Choice: The 'Any' Indications)

Issue No. 8/9, June 1997/January 1998
Topics: Shape (Sign for Shape, Indication of the Shape, Group Shapes, Path Ending in a Group Shape, Design Drawing); A Singing Action; Place Middle in Motif; Defining a Menu; Inclusion of an Action; Terminology - Clarification of 'Rotation' and 'Twist'; Rolling on the Floor or Wheeling?; Any Direction, Any Level; Travelling with Intermittent Stillness; Maintaining, Achieving Balance; Imaginary People, Objects

Issue No. 10/11, June 1998/January 1999
Topics: Indication of Number of Limbs; Indications for Either or Both Limbs; Any Degree of Any Form of Flexion and Extension; Looking, Gazing, Staring; Kinesphere; Front Signs Versus Facing Pins; Center of Weight, Leaning; Starting Positions for Motif Description; Comment on Issue No. 8/9 - A Swinging Action; Generic Signs; Generic Sign for Relating; Stating a Menu; Centre of Weight - Where is It?

Issue No. 12, June 1999
Topics: Dancing in the Round; Affairs of the Heart (Feelings, Intentions, Attitudes); Say it in Symbols (Over, Under, Around, Between, Through, Beside, Off, On)

Issue No. 13, January 2000
Topics: Cancellation Rule; Levels for Quick Shifts; Carets Every Time?

Issue No. 14, June 2000
Topics: In-depth Analysis of Flextend-Land; Folding, Unfolding; Rolling, Unrolling; Three-dimensional Compressing, Expanding; Folding, Unfolding - Hip & Knee Joints; Contracting, Elongating – Legs, Arms & Hip Joints; The Starbie Series

Issue No. 15, January 2001
Topics: A Little Meandering; Timing for Making a Shape; Statement of Ranks and Files; Making a Shape/Stillness; Flexion, Extension – Open Degree

Issue No. 16, June 2001
Topics: Motion Versus Destination; Pure Motion (Indication of Global Motion, Spoke-like Movements, Timing)

Issue No. 17, January 2002
Topics: Rotate/Twist Either Right or Left; Any Surface for a Contraction; Neither Bent Nor Stretched; Addressing – Toward or Away; New Sign for Whole Body; Space Measurement or Indications of Flexion or Extension?; Correction Note for Issue No. 5

Issue No. 18, June 2002
Topics: Spiral Paths - Motion or Destination? (Inward Spiral Paths, Outward Spiral Paths); Say it in Symbols Continued (Distance); Encouraging Travelling in Various Directions; Choreographic Terminology (Canons)

Issue No. 19, January 2003
Topics: New Wandering, Meandering Sign; Curving – Left or Right?; Other Choreographic Structures; Revolving While Traveling

Issue No. 20, June 2003
Topics: Automatic Cancellation Rule; Falling – An Investigation (Shifts of Weight, Center of Gravity Leading, Center of Weight Falling, Cancellation of a True Fall); A Dance Fall – Central Fall (Cancellation of a Central Fall); Gravity: Its Domination; Dynamics – An Investigation (Accents)

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