Thursday, April 10, 2014

KineScribe Workshop

Submitted by Mei-Chen Lu and Charlotte Wile - April 10, 2014

The videos below show Hannah Kosstrin’s Workshop on "KineScribe" at the DNB on March 15, 2014.

KineScribe is an iPad app that reimagines LabanWriter for the touch screen, allowing you to create and edit Laban based notation, including Labanotation, Motif Notation, and Language of Dance.

To download KineScribe for free, go here.

Workshop attendees:

Video 1 
Content: iPad basics, new KineScribe scores, symbol palates, stretchable symbols, resizing symbols, and deleting symbols.

Video 2
Content: resizing symbols, changeing levels, moving symbols around, and changing bows.

Video 3
Content: resizing the symbols for hold and center of weight , coloring symbols, save/email a score, creating a staff, adding measures, deleting and changing staffs and measures.

Video 4
Content: floor plans, pins inside of the floorplan, changing direction signs, the gender of pins, and text.

Video 5
Content: text, and KineScribe applications.

Video 6
Content: KineScribe applications


  1. This is a wonderful advancement for helping children create and record their own dance-making. Thank you Dave and Hannah for creating it. Thanks DNB for making this happen! The blog video clips are essential... Yes! Thank you. Loren Bucek (P.S. Help needed to get a URL that you will accept! Mei Chu?)

    1. Dear Loren Bucek, we are not sure what kind of help you need. Please email me at

  2. I tried Kinescribe in February this year on an iPad mini. Here are my comments. Please be aware that I was a LabanWriter user for many years, so I may be comparing the 2 systems unfairly! I also was not trained to use Kinescribe, so it may have the features I could not find myself.
    - symbols need to click-to-grid;
    - need an easy way to draw staves, not just measure by measure;
    - the symbols palette needs to stay open as you place a symbol, for speed;
    - need a way to magnify the section you are working on.

    I found it near impossible to place any symbol on a staff, let alone resize a symbol.

    Despite my complaints, I think this is a worthy exercise.
    Good luck!
    Sian Ferguson

  3. Sian,
    Thanks for giving KineScribe a test drive! We are working on click-to-grid for symbols and adjusting the symbol palette for future releases. You can stretch staves to more than one measure, and use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out for magnification. More help and instructions are available on, and by tapping the in-app Help icon.
    Best, Hannah