Wednesday, January 23, 2019

LOD and Tea - an YouTube Channel for Motif Notation

Submitted by Mei-Chen Lu -- January 31, 2019

Beth Megill, a certified Language of Dance® specialist, hosts LOD and Tea, an YouTube Channel discussing Motif Notation and Language of Dance® (LOD) concepts for dancers, choreographers, and other movement artists. Beth continues to add new clips to her channel periodically. In each video she emphasizes one topic only. It is fairly short, four to six minutes per clip. You can subscribe to her channel here:

Each video features different topic (listed by uploading date):

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Chinese Edition - Elementary Labanotation: A Study Guide 初级拉班舞谱学习指引

Submitted by Mei-Chen Lu -- January 22nd, 2019

Wendy Chu (朱孟青), a dance lecturer of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, undertook the challenge of translating the Elementary Labanotation Study Guide into Chinese.  The book was written by Muriel Topaz and published by the Dance Notation Bureau in 1996.  This textbook is used for the Elementary Labanotation Course in addition to Ann Hutchinson Guest's Labanotation.

The translation project began in 2000 when Tom Brown, then chairman of the Hong Kong Dance Alliance, applied for funding to translate the Study Guide into Chinese. Wendy Chu stepped up since she was already teaching Labanotation in Chinese, and began translating the content on her own time.  Chu used her students for feedback, giving them one chapter at a time and making necessary changes based on their comments. Rayuan Tseng (曾瑞媛), Chu's classmate from The Ohio State University graduate school, also used Chu's translation in the early stage and provided her with additional feedback and changes.

The Chinese Edition is available to download for free (or with a donation) at: