Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jean Kirsten - A New Exhibit

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - September 23, 2017

Following are photos of Jean Kirsten's new exhibit in Hamburg, Germany (September 2017).

To see larger im
ages,  go here.

For other postings about Jean's work, see:

    Movement in a space.

    Installation with models from Platonic solids, Laban's constructions and a wall drawing.

    Some examples from Jean Kersten's series "Inkrustations-Serie" (each from 2017, cotton or other fabric, 80 x 80 cm).

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  1. Hi, all, now that I am painting as well as dancing, I have also been aware of how my Laban work affects how I see crystalline form in painting and sculpture as well. Thanks for posting this, Charlotte! Peggy Hackney