Friday, December 23, 2016

Variation of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker

Submitted by Mei-Chen Lu – December 23, 2016

The notation score of variation of the "Sugar Plum Fairy" from the Tschaikovski-Petipa ballet "The Nutcracker" is now available for download.  It was danced by Alicia Markova, prima ballerina at the time, and notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest in 1957.

Markova was an outstanding interpreter of this role and made comments of this dance:

"The essence of this variation should be like spun sugar.  Technically it should be danced in a very classical form, but not as bravura variation to dazzle and bring applause.  The success it merits should come from its delicacy and gentle grace, expressing the sweet goodness which is the quality of the Sugar Plum Fairy, who is dancing to entertain little Clara in the Kingdom of Sweets."

This score was published and copyrighted by the DNB in 1957.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Irmgard Bartenieff Papers at University of Maryland

Submitted by Mei-Chen Lu, December 6, 2016

Susan L. Wiesner, an archivist at University of Maryland, created a finding aid for Irmgard Bartenieff Papers between 1920 to 1981.  These papers were gift from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies to the University of Maryland.  The Bartenieff papers are arranged into 13 series, including six restricted files.  The remainder of the collection is open for research at Special Collections in Performing Arts, Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742.  

SERIES 1 Personal items
  1. Art work
  2. Memorial/Remembrances
  3. Memorabilia
  4. Financial/Legal records
  5. Health
  6. CVs/Resumes/Licensures
  7. Memory Aids
SERIES 2 Correspondence
  1. Personal Letters
  2. Professional letters
  3. Postcards/Cards/Invitations
SERIES 3 Research/Scholarship
  1. Laban Theory (Effort/Shape, Choreutics)
  2. Motif, Notation, Kinetography Laban
  3. Baroque/Historic Dance Forms
  4. Physical Therapy/Dance therapy
  5. Notes, Notebooks
  6. Fundamentals
  7. Choreometrics/Ethnic Studies
  8. Choreography
  9. Lectures, Demonstrations
  10. Translations/Transcripts
  11. Resources
Series 4 Publications Materials
  1. Book drafts/Notes
  2. Bound (soft) Manuscripts “Body Movement”
  3. Articles/Papers
  4. Film scripts/notes
  5. Contracts/Legal
Series 5 Pedagogy
  1. Course Handouts
  2. Syllabi/Outlines/Schedules/Class lists
  3. Course proposals/Curriculum development
  4. Course Announcements
  5. Exams/Assessments
  6. Course Feedback
  7. Course Notes
  8. Faculty
Series 6 Performance-related documents

1. Programs
2. Ephemera
3. Posters/Broadsides

Series 7 Publicity
  1. Press about IB
  2. PR/Reviews/ads about “Body Movement”
  3. press about LIMS

Series 8 Other Publications/Work
  1. Books
  2. Article/book chapter
  3. Academic papers
  4. Journals/magazines/newsletters
  5. Brochures/booklets
  6. Manuals
  7. Notes and notebooks
Series 9 Organisational materials
  1. LIMS
  2. DNB
  3. ADTA
  4. ICKL
  5. CORD
  6. ADG
  7. Other organizations
Series 10 Non-print media

1. Video/Film 
2. Audio
3. Photographs 

4. Slides

Series 11 Ephemera
  1. Book inserts (bookmarks)
  2. Promotional materials
Series 12 Scores
  1. Labanotation
  2. Music
  3. Baroque/Feuillet
  4. Scripts and Graphic scores
Series 13 Clippings
  1. Clippings General
  2. Clippings Used for Study