Wednesday, November 16, 2016

One Score, Three Different Dances

Submitted by Mei-Chen Lu - November 16, 2016

Last summer I taught "Motif Notation Workshop" at Beihe Dance Theater in Nanjing China.

All the students received the same Motif Notation score as a part of their final exam.  They were required to create a dance based on the score.  They had a choice of using music to accompany the movement.  For instance, the second dancer in the video chose music that suited her choreography.

Each student interpreted the score using their own ideas.  Each had a different movement style and preference.  Thus, twenty-eight students create twenty-eight different dances.  Video shows three dancers as examples.

Motif Notation is a great tool for creative process.  It also shows how dance can be analyzed and documented like literature and music.

(See also Motif Notation in China)


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