Saturday, April 4, 2015

Moving Technology

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - April 4, 2015
Written by Sandra Hooghwinkel

[The following notice about Sandra Hooghwinkel's website "Moving Technology" was originally posted on the CMAlist on April 2, 2015.]

Dear all,

Proudly I’d like to present to you my new website:

It’s about my work, my plans, my dreams and a great deal about LMA (as they kind of overlap ).

I’m very proud of the result, as I created the entire site myself, both design, programming and content. Please be welcome to take a look!

It also holds the LMA/LBMS taxonomy that I created and sent in a few years ago. It’s been evolved and updated since then and it’s downloadable for free.

Laminated copies can be ordered online as well, just not all at the same time please! ;-)

No need to say of course, that I’m not seeing the taxonomy as the one truth to look at the LMA system, just merely as a means to create some overview in the richness and complexity of the system for myself.

Until now it has been very helpful to me, and I just hope it can be helpful to others as well.

Inspired by the work and the community as always!

Thanks, and feel free to link my website on your own…

Best wishes,
Sandra Hooghwinkel

Moving Technology
Sandra Hooghwinkel, BDaEd, CMA
Software Developer, Dancer and Certified Movement Analyst
Zwolle, The Netherlands

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