Saturday, June 9, 2012

Topics and Links: 1993 conference "Movement Notation as a Tool in Education"

Submitted by Charlotte Wile, June 9, 2012

Recently the DNB Facebook posted some pictures from the 1993 conference "Movement Notation as a Tool in Education." The pictures are reprinted here below.

The conference was a wonderful get-together--very informative and great fun. The children in the pictures were my students at Ballet Hispanico, where I was teaching at the time.

A facsimile of the conference proceedings, which include lesson plans for Labanotation and Motif Notation, can be found here:

Notators (Sandra Aberkalns, Odette Blum, Ilene Fox, Billie Mahoney, & Leslie Rotman) obviously enjoyed dancing in a class at the conference.

Charlotte Wile taught a Motif Notation class to her students from Ballet Hispanico.

Ann Hutchinson Guest taught a class as well. The DNB current board members: Margot Lehman, Dawn Lilly, and Oona Haaranen observed the class.

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