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Topics and Links: ICKL Proceedings Theoretical Reports and Papers, 1959 to 2009

Originally submitted by Charlotte Wile - September 6, 2011; updated May 22, 2012 

Facsimiles prepared by Rachael Leyva, Mei-Chen Lu, and Charlotte Wile

One of the most important institutions for promoting the development and standardization of Laban-based notation systems is the International Council of Kinetography Laban/Labanotation (ICKL).

Below are links to facsimiles of theoretical material in the proceedings for ICKL’s biennial conferences from 1959 to 2009. There is also a facsimile of an index for the 1963 to 1991 proceedings, which ICKL published in 1993.

The facsimiles of the theoretical material just contain each proceedings’ cover page, table of contents, technical reports, and technical papers. Application papers and other materials in the proceedings are not included here. The full proceedings are available at the Dance Notation Bureau library. In addition, some technical and non-technical papers in proceedings for recent conferences can be found on ICKL's website. 

When you go to each facsimile link below, you will see small navigation pages to the right. Because some parts of the proceedings were skipped when they were scanned, the page numbers on the navigation pages may not match page numbers on the facsimile. Also, some facsimile pages are crooked because the way the proceedings were bound made it difficult for them to be scanned.

1959-1977, First to Tenth Conferences  

The facsimiles of the 1959-1977 proceedings were taken from a compilation of conference papers and reports published together as one book in 1996. As has been done for other years, just the technical materials from the compilation are presented here. The year that the material was presented appears in the headings of the papers. Topics for each year are given below. 
  • Topics for the First Conference (1959): Differences in Movement Analysis and Notation (The Trunk and its Parts, Writing Shifts, Trunk Rotations and Front, Jumps or No Jumps - Pause Sign, Step and Leg Gesture, Whole Body Rotation). 
  • Topics for the Second Conference (1961): Unification (Centre of Gravity, Symbols for Chest and Trunk Movement, Inclusion Bow, Upper Part of Body Movement, Movements of the Whole Torso, Vertical Bow Cancellations, Automatic Space or Body Hold, Waist Sign Use of [Contraction and Extension Signs], Flexing and Stretching the Hand and Arm, Hands and Fingers, ["x"] with Direction Symbol, Use of the Body Constant and Space Constant References.
  • Topics for the Third Conference (1963): Unification (Validity of a Symbol, Use of the 3rd Column for Upper Part of the Body Movements, Level of Supports in Crouching and After Kneeling, 'Holding' the Centre of Gravity, Weight Distribution in Open Positions, Szentpal's Rule for Hold Sign in Support Column, Meaning of a Step in Place After an Open Position, Space Between Supports for Echappe Movements, Sliding Steps, Shuffling Hops, Overlap of Support Symbols - As in a Sissonne Ferme, Step Turn Problems, Whole Torso Turns and Trunk Twists, Use of [Black Diamond and Whole Body Signs], Pelvic Rotations and Pelvic Tilts, Meaning of [Extension Signs] for the Arms, Meaning of [Extension Signs ] for the Hand, Meaning of [Extension Signs] for the Whole Torso, Position Pins for the Arms, Tick Marks, Shading of Turn Signs, Touch Signs in the Leg Gesture and Support Columns.
  • Topics for the Fourth Conference (1965): Pelvic Movements; Centre of Gravity; Pause or Hold Sign; Dynamics; Position Signs Near Direction Signs (Szentpal); Guidances (Leeder); Guidances and 'Parasite' Symbols; Proposed Labanotation Changes (Venable); Space Measurement Signs, Floor Plans, Turn Signs; Knust's Handbook Changes; Review of Unification Discussions -1963 Conference. 
  • Topics for the Fifth Conference (1967): Agreements and Unification (Cross of Axes, Spirals, Paths, Corrections & Additions & Clarification on Knust's Paper, Parts of Body, etc., Upper Body/Inclusions, Guidance/Leading and the Addition Bow, Succession/Sequential Movement, Centre of Gravity, Spot Retention Sign, Space Measurement Signs, Repeat Signs/Analogy Signs, Rotations, Caret/Staple, Sign for "Either," Notation Examples, Front Signs with Specific Meaning by Maria Szentpal) 
  • Topics for the Sixth Conference (1969): Orthography and Analysis - Decisions and Recommendations (Rotations around Principal Axes by Valerie Preston-Dunlop, Work That is Not Concluded from the Research Committee by Valerie Preston-Dunlop, Motif Writing Developments by Valerie Preston-Dunlop, Meaning and Use of Pin Signs Within a Rotation Sign & Meaning and Use of Crosses of Axes Relating to Rotations by Albrecht Knust, The Standard Retention by Albrecht Knust, Questions of How We Read and Write Timing in Kinetography by Lucy Venable, Miscellaneous Problems by Maria Szentpal, Notation Examples, Suggestions About the Further Use of the Inner Subsidiary Column by Maria Szentpal, The Movement Family Tree by Ann Hutchinson, Indication of Difference Between Rotation and Twist by Ann Hutchinson, System of Reference for Head Tilts by Ann Hutchinson, Circular Paths on Vertical Planes by Albrecht Knust, Isolated Problems). 
  • Topics for the Seventh Conference (1971): Agreements and Recommendations (Body Narrowness and Wideness & Space Narrowness and Wideness by Albrecht Knust with Comments by Maria Szentpal, The Application of the Inner Subsidiary Column by Maria Szentpal, Suggested Indication for Time by Ann Hutchinson with Comments by Maria Szentpal, The Meaning of the "X" in the Support Column Near a Leg Gesture by Maria Szentpal, Facing Pins - Suggested Augmentation by Ann Hutchinson, Shorthand for Labanotation by Ann Hutchinson, Matters Arising Out of Other Sessions, Notation Examples). 
  • Topics for the Eighth Conference (1973): Agreements and Recommendations ("Normal" Distance in Standing by Maria Szentpal, Kneeling by Maria Szentpal,  Mixed Kneeling, Sitting by Maria Szentpal, Exclusion Bow, Symbol for Neither Stretched Nor Bent, Front Signs for Focal Point, Small Steps, Bent Leg Gestures, Supports Slightly Bent, Gestures and Supports, Slightly Bent, Leg Gestures Near the Floor, Small Steps, Leg Gestures Near the Floor, Slightly Bent Arm Gestures, Pins and Staples with Steps, Deviations, Placement of Accents, Description in Terms of Icosahedron, Area Around a Directional Point, Rounded Bow to Connect Columns, All fours by Albrecht Knust, Notation Examples).
  • Topics for the Ninth Conference (1975): Technical Report (The Direction of the Progression and the Direction of the Path by Albrecht Knust, Track Pins by Ann Hutchinson and Maria Szentpal, Support on All Fours by Maria Szentpal, Split Body System (SpB), Direction from Body Part (DBP), Shape Writing by Ann Hutchinson, Use of Pins, Notation Examples). 
  • Topics for the Tenth Conference (1977): Report on Technical Matters (Decisions About and Clarifications of Signs & Examples and Their Meanings - the 282 Item List, Deferred Items, Priority Items for 1979 Conference). 
1979, Eleventh Conference
  • Topics: Technical Report (Pins for Positions of the Feet, Track Pins, Pins for Minor Movements, Place, Design Drawing, Validity). 
1981, Twelfth Conference
  • Topics: Technical Report; Corrections and Additions for Unification Paper; Revised Validity Paper; Time Signs by Maria Szentpal; Clarification of the Different Possibilities of Accelerando and Ritardando When Applied to Movement; Musical Time Signs by Maria Szentpal; Writing Levels of Kneeling by Means of Angling or Approaching the Surface of Support in Different Directions by IleneFox and Jane Marriett; Direction from Body Part (DBP) by Maria Szentpal; Notation and the Dynamic Aspects of Dance by Sally Archbutt; Introduction to Dynamics Panel by Lucy Venable; Notes on Dynamic by Lisa Ullman; Dynamics Discussion by Sally Archbutt; Quality and Dynamics in the Laban Movement Analysis and Notation System by Janis Pforsich with Peggy Hackney;  Dynamic Discussion by Maria Szenpal; Statement on Dynamics for Panel Discussion by Muriel Topaz; Spatial Forms and Their Innate Dynamic Content by Lisa Ullman; Dynamics Exploration by Peggy Hackney with Janis Pforsich; Dynamics Summary by Lucy Venable; Report of the Principles Committee. 
1983, Thirteenth Conference
  • Topics: Technical Report (Placement of Non-Movement Indications, Placement of Foot Hooks, Angling, Kneeling Levels, Options for Writing Kneeling, Preferred Usage for Writing Non-foot Supports, Reference for the Whole Arm, Black Diamond, Sectional Repeat Indications, Need for New Symbology for Head and Its Parts, Minor Movement, Time Signs, Revised and Expanded System of Symbols for On and Off Stage\Areas, Principles, Moving in and Out of Open Positions, Retention of a Leading or Guiding Part, Repeat and Analogy Signs, Validity); Angling by Ilene Fox and Jane Marriett; Revised Version—A Proposal for New Symbols for the Head and its Parts by Carl Wolz; August Revision—A Proposal for a Revised and Expanded System of Symbols for On and Off Stage\Areas by Carl Wolz; Moving Into and Out of Open Positions by Ann Hutchinson;  Modified Version of Analogy and Repeat Signs by Ann Hutchinson; Working Ideas Based on Column Hierarchy by Janet Moekle. 
1985, Fourteenth Conference
  • Topics: The Principles and Basic Concepts of Laban's Movement; Report from the Research Panel (Measurement Signs, Normal Step Length, Direction from a Body Part, Peripheral Path for Third Degree Points, One Movement Bow, Polar Pins, Areas of the Hand and Foot, Modified Bow for Retained Part Leading/Guiding, Staff Extender, Indication of Intention, Validity of Part Leading/Guidance Bow, Ad lib, Staples and Carets, Line of Balance, Dynamics, Use of X and [Folding Sign] as Pre-Signs,The Sign [for Stillness], Paths for Gestures,Validity, Retention Signs, Time Signs, Unfinished Business); Errata, Supplements and Comments to Papers Disseminated Prior to the Conference; Edited Version of DBF Paper, 1981, by Maria Szentpal; Polar Pins for Minor Movements, revised 1985, by Ann Hutchinson, Jane Marriett, Ilene Fox; Areas of the Hand and Feet, revised 1985, by Sheila Marion; Index of Items Fully Accepted 1985; Index of Other Items. 
1987, Fifteenth Conference
  • Topics: Technical Report (Sign to Replace the Staple for the Same Spot, Signs for Spreading and Closing, Surfaces of the Hand and Foot, Finger Fan, The Drawing of en Croix Repeats, Inner Subsidiary Column, Place Middle Pin, Symbols for Contraction Over a Diagonal Surface, Spot Hold for the Foot, Unfolding, Signs for Joints of the Legs, Validity of the Leading/Guiding Bow, Symbols for "A Surface," Clarification of Usage of [Release Signs] in the Support Column, Validity, Direction from a Body Part (DBP) for Gestures, New Symbol for Release Weight, The "Zed-Caret" and its Augmented Usage, Simultaneous Contraction and Rotation, Discussion of the Spine Sign, Errata and Supplements to Papers Disseminated Prior to the Conference); Validity- Yet Another Proposal by Ilene Fox; Vertical Bows - Validity by Ann Hutchinson Guest; Leading/Guiding - Validity by Ann Hutchinson Guest; D. B. P. for Gestures by Ann Hutchinson Guest; A Proposal for the Use of the Caret (< or >) Which Involves the Elimination of the Staple by Lucy Venable; Carets and Staples by Ann Hutchinson Guest; Index of Technical Papers Circulated Prior to the 1987 Conference; Index of Items Fully Accepted by ICKL, 1987, Index of Other Items. 
1989, Sixteenth Conference
  • Topics: Report from the Research Panel (Modifiers, Symbols That Have Their Own Validity, Validity of Horizontal Bows, Zed Caret, Floorwork Staff, Signs for Sex of Performer, Group Formations, Meeting Line, Mini-Floor Plans, Relationship of Two People, Action Stroke, Pre-Staff Indications, Intermediate Directions, Standard Palm Facing, Anatomical Descriptions of the Spinal Column and Hip Joint Movement, Focal Point, Stylized Preparation for a Step, Natural, Floor Plans, Use of [a Vertical Line] with Measurement Signs in the Leg Gesture Column for "Duration" or "Air Line," Reconstructing KIN/LN Grammar by Rob van Haarst, Keys for Thought by Sheila Marion, Retention of Supports by Bill Reynolds, Validity by Ilene Fox); Errata for 1989 Papers; Addendum to Anatomical Descriptions by Karen Barracuda, KL/LN for Recording Idiokinetic Exercises-Clarification by Karen Barracuda.
1991, Seventeenth Conference
  • Topics: Technical Sessions Address by Ann Hutchinson Guest; Report from the Research Panel (Time Signs,Validity, Floorwork, Kneeling, Minor Movements); Time Signs by Ann Hutchinson Guest. 
1993, Eighteenth Conference
  • Topics: Report from the Research Panel (Summary of Voting, The Direction System of Labanotation/Kinetography Laban – A Clarification and Proposal by Janos Fugedi, Retention of Palm Facings in Labanotation by Ilene Fox, The Duration of an Indication Tied to a Path Sign -Validity of the Connecting Bow by Jacqueline Challet-Haas, Vertical Bows by Marion Bastien, Validity No. 3 Proposal by Ann Hutchinson Guest, A Validity Proposal for Gestural Actions by Sheila Marion and Judy Van Zile and Lucy Venable, Summary of Validity Discussions, Space Measurement Signs Versus Measurement Signs by Jacqueline Challet-Haas, Retention in the Support Column-Proposed New Rule); Errata to 1993 ICKL Papers; The Direction System of Labanotation/Kinetography Laban – A Clarification and Proposal by Janos Fugedi.
1993, Index for the 1963 to 1991 Proceedings
  • Topics: Technical Papers Presented from 1963 to1991; Technical Decisions from 1979 to 1991; Non-technical Papers Presented from 1979-1991; Bow Chronology; New Signs. 
1995, Nineteenth Conference
  • Topics: Technical Report (Proposal for Labanotation, The Standard Cross of Axes in Kinetography Laban and Introduction to Validity Papers - 1995 Validity Proposals, Interaction of Movement Categories, Report of Findings on Usages of [The Back to Normal Sign and the Decrease Sign] by Lucy Venable and Sheila Marion, What is Movement? And other Validity Issues by Ilene Fox, The Assessment of Distance in Supports in Kintography Laban/ Labanotation by Christine Eckerle, The Notation of Floorwork within the Laban System of Notation by Anja Hirvikalli). 
1997, Twentieth Conference
  • Topics: Technical Report (Inverted Pelvis Sign, One Sided Spreading and Closing, Spreading and Closing from the Front and Back and Right and Left Sides and its Use with Direction Symbols, The 8/8 Scale for Contraction and Folding, The Centre of Gravity Level, Parts of the Torso, Weight Distribution, Folding, Props, An Analysis and Classification of Springs); Minor Topics, by Ann Hutchinson Guest; Folding - Analysis of Movement, by Ann Hutchinson Guest; Props, by Carl Wolz; An Analysis and Classification of Springs, by Janos Fugedi. 
1999, Twenty-First Conference
  • Topics: Technical Report; Principal "KIN" Usages and Rules differing from "LAB" Usages and Rules, by Jacqueline Challet-Haas; A Fundamental Difference Between Kinetography Laban and Labanotation by Ilene Fox; Degrees of Folding the Torso by Ann Hutchinson Guest. 
2001, Twenty-Second Conference
(Note: This document contains page numbers on the papers that do not match the page numbers given in the table of contents.)
  • Topics: Technical Report; To Caret of Not To Caret, That is the Question by Sandra Aberkalns and Ilene Fox; Readings in Kinetography Laban – KIN Usage Relating to Column Consistency, Floorwork, Pins, and Indications for the Hand and its Parts by Jacqueline Challet-Haas. Christine Eckerle, and Anja Hirvikallio; Indications for Freedom of Interpretation by Ray Cook; Space Measurement–New Signs by Ann Hutchinson Guest; Movement Signs Across Contexts by Sheila Marion. 
2004, Twenty-Third Conference
  • Topics: Technical Report (A New Sign for the Body-as-a-Whole by Ann Hutchinson Guest, A Generic Indication for Revolving on a Straight Path by Ann Hutchinson Guest, An Indication for the Motion of Flexing and Extending by Ann Hutchinson Guest, Space Measurement Specified by Ann Hutchinson Guest, Use of the Body Columns by Ann Hutchinson Guest). 
2005, Twenty-Fourth Conference
  • Topics: Report from the Research Panel (Step Gesture Analysis, Workshop on "Upper Body Movement Analysis" by Noelle Simonet,  Ad Lib and Freedom of Interpretation by Karin Hermes); Interpreting Timing Conventions in Labanotation by Ilene Fox and Rhonda Ryman; Upper Body Movement Analysis by Noelle Simonet; Ad Lib and Freedom of Interpretation by Karin Hermes; A Proposal for New Symbols for the Head and its Parts by Carl Wolz.
2007, Twenty-Fifth Conference
  • Topics: Technical Report (A Simplified Use of Consecutive Foot Hooks by Janos Fugedi, Unit Timing of Touching Gestures by Janos Fugedi); A Simplified Use of Consecutive Foot Hooks by Janos Fugedi; Traveling Arial Turns Arriving on Both Legs by Janos Fugedi; Notation of Leg Circles by Janos Fugedi; Unit Timing of Touching Gestures by Janos Fugedi.
  • Topics: Technical Report (Distance of Leg Gestures from the Floor by Ann Hutchinson Guest, Revolving on a Straight Path by Ann Hutchinson Guest, Indications of Touching Gestures by Janos Fugedi and Misi Gabor, Unit Timing - Further Thoughts by Ann Hutchinson Guest); Distance of Leg Gestures from the Floor by Ann Hutchinson Guest; Revolving on a Straight Path by Ann Hutchinson Guest; Indications of Touching Gestures by Janos Fugedi and Misi Gabor; Unit Timing - Further Thoughts by Ann Hutchinson Guest.