Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Moving Space" -- Laban scales on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

Submitted by Brenton Cheng - October 13, 2010

Friends and colleagues,

Laban moves into the 21st century!

I am happy to announce the release of "Moving Space: The Laban Scales" -- an interactive, 3D compendium of the Space Harmony scales for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Perfect for teachers and students as a teaching/study aid and way to explore the scales.

You can watch a demo of the app here:

Direct link to the app in iTunes (Apple App Store):

In our certification programs, we have long been using a variety of discovered and constructed objects in an attempt to convey to students a sense of the 3D structure of the scales. When Michael Neff, a computer animation researcher who did our program, created a short 3D movie illustrating the Axis and Girdle Scales, I was struck by how beautifully and clearly the scale's form was revealed, much more effectively than our string-and-plastic-tubing models.

Granted, a computer visualization will never substitute for embodiment, but it became obvious to me how an interactive scale reference utilizing a touchscreen could provide an instantly graspable sense of the scales' form, which could *facilitate* embodiment.

This is the result.

Please consider checking out the app, letting your students know about it, and sending me any feedback or suggestions. Features will continue to be added in response to your input, and once you have the app, updates are always free.

If you like it, consider rating the app and adding a review in the App Store, which will increase exposure of the app (and LMA) to the general public.


Brenton Cheng
Faculty, Integrated Movement Studies
Berkeley Laban/Bartenieff Certificate Program 

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