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Topics and Links: DNB Discussions, 1954-2000

Submitted by Mei-Chen Lu and Charlotte Wile – April 27, 2010

Among the numerous gems in the Dance Notation Bureau archives is a treasure trove of minutes and related papers for DNB theory discussions from 1954 to 2000, which we separated into two sites:  1954-1984 and 1985-2000. We hope making these documents more accessible would be helpful in the ongoing discussion and evolution of Labanotation and Motif Notation.

The following is the list of years and topics:

1954 Discussions

1954, 1956

Topics: Shape Writing; Space and Spot Hold; Movement Analysis; Key Signature; Rotations (Secret Turn); Hands

December 1955-January 1956
Topics: Hands (and Parts of)

January 2, 1956
Topics: Shape Writing; Shape Writing with Deviations

January 3, 1956
Topics: Guidance; Inclusion; Facial Features

January 4, 1956
Topics: Dynamics; Emphasis; Place Gesture

January 5, 1956
Topics: Way Signs; Accents; Addressing; Ad Libs; Arms; Bar Lines; Bows; Cancellations; Cannon; Castanet; Center of Gravity; Chest; Circular Path (for Limbs); Degrees; Rotations; Sitting; Step Turn; Terminology; Torso Shifts; Vertical Bows

January 6, 1956
Topics: Group Notation; Deviations; Divided Columns; Paths; Relationship Pins; Repeats

March 1956
Topics: Shape Writing; Ad Lib Shape

February 1957
Topics: Eukinetic Feeling; Expression; Facing; Focal Point; Gliding

March 11, [1957?]
Topic: Inclusions

March 18, 1957
Topic: Divided Columns

May 11, 1957
Topics: Stage Indications; Space and Spot Hold; Revolutions

May 13, 1957
Topic: Group Notation

May 16, 1957
Topics: Props; Parts of Body

August 10, 1957
Topics: Parts of Body (Limbs); Path in Space

June 9-June 12, 1981
Topics: Black Diamond; White Pins; Degree of Rotation; Inclusion Bow; Action Resulted in Support; Simultaneous Contraction and Rotation; Addressing; Labeling Floor Plan; Gesture link to the Step; Movable Parts; Awareness Bow; Keys; Time Signature; Bows 

June 19, 1981
Topics: Track Pins; Leg Rotation; Key

July 1, 1981
Topics: Validity; Cancellation; Column Cancellation

July 15, 1981
Topic: The Inner Subsidiary Column

July 8, 1981
Topics: Unification Paper; Path; Facing Pin/Front Signs; Hop Turns; Contraction; Repeat Sign; Foot Hook; Divided Column

July 23, 1981
Topic: Time Signs

August 4, 1981
Topics: Definitions (Black Pins, the Foot, Notating Positions of the Feet)

August 5, 1981
Topics: Direction from Body Part; Other Topics

November 9, 1981
Topics: Checklist for Labanotation Score; Shifting Weight; Closing Position; Hip Movement

November 25, 1981
Topics: Foot Hook; Tracking Pins and Relationship Pins; Center of Gravity; Front Sign resulted from a Turn

November 1981
Topics: Body Parts (Shoulder); Unfold and Limb (neither stretched nor bent); Folding

February 1982
Topic: Validity

February 5, 1982
Topic: Effort
February 24, 1982; March 3, 1982; March 10, 1982
Topics: Space Measurement; Sliding Spring into Second; Hip, Pelvis Movements; Hook Sign for the Top of the Foot; Arm Contracting/Folding and Extremity; Palm and Thumb Facings; Passive Sliding

March 1982
Topics: Planes; Present Signs; New Signs; Situation of the Plane; Constant Plane; Uses; Comments

March 1982
Topic: Monopin Analysis

April 9, 1982
Topics: Black Accent Sign; Ad Lib; Proximal Pins; Games

May 1982
Topic: Path Sign

May 18, 1982
Topics: The Placement of Hooks on Rotation; Ad Lib; Change of Direction and Change in Level

October 5, 1982
Topics: Validity; Extremity of the Arm; Flexion; Single Hooks on Support Symbols; Time Signs; Scoring; Arm Turns

November 9, 1982
Topic: The Arm as a Multi-Jointed Body Part

November 9, 1982; November16, 1982
Topics: Validity; Cancellation

Topics: Connecting Bow; Dotted Line and Carets; Cancellation; Design Writing
Topic: Arm Turns

January 1983
Topic: Contraction of the Arm

February 10, 1983
Topics: Arm Flexion; The Conference of Movement Notation; Various Concerns of Notators and Reconstructors; Questions about Floor Plans, Autography, Ad Libs and Other Notation Issues; Validity of Modifiers to Steps and Gestures; Body Key; Ad Lib Runs; Sliding on the Hip; Fermatas; Elimination of Upbeat Turns; Zed Carets; Tick Marks; No Friction; Floor Plans

February 14, 1983
Topic: Validity

March 15, 1983
Topic: Validity

March 23, 1983
Topic: Jan Moekle’s Validity Proposal

March 29, 1983
Topic: Validity

May 18, 1983
Topics: Inclusion Bow; Body Hold vs Retention Hold; Palm and Hand; Staff; Ad Lib and Accents; Arm

May 24, 1983
Topics: Definition of the Free End and Fixed End of the Torso; The Longitudinal Axis of the Body; Key Relating to the Head; Turnout of Crossed Gestures; Arms; Successional Turns; Validity

June 14-17, 1983
Topics: Cancellation of Inclusion; Statement of Area; Statement of Specific Side/Surface; Joint Signs; Limb Signs; Surface; Discussion and Clarifications of Hand and Arm Signs; Point of Reference for the Arm; Palm and Thumb Facing with Flexed Arms and Divided Arms
June 15, 1983
Topics: Movement Needs; Motion and Destination Descriptions; Application of the Caret; Do Not Lift the Foot; Specifically Lift the Foot; Meaning of the Staple; The Same Spot; “Zee” or “Zed” Carets; From a Closed to an Open Position; From an Open to a Closed Position; From One Foot to an Open Position; From an Open Position to an Open Position

June 17, 1983
Topics: Organization of Staves; Use of Repeat and Analogy Signs; Deviating on a Path; Contraction - Interpretation of Surface; Basic Sign for Retention; Body Wheeling; Timing; Inclusions; Emphasis; Accent Signs; Sign for “No Sound”; Bow for Part Leading-Validity

August 21, 1983
Topics: Palm; Fingers; Alignment of the inside of the Wrist and Elbow

September 17, 1983
Topics: Principles

December 1, 1983
Topic: Teaching Advanced Labanotation

December 2, 1983
Topics: Pelvic Involvement in Arabesques; Twisting vs. Wheeling; Upper Body Movements; Inclusions; Arm Contraction; Black Pins vs. Tacks in Turn Signs; Hips Cancellation; Timing Questions/Discussion; Timing of Hip Movement with Steps; Touches; Opposition Arms During Walking; Timing of Hand Contact for Claps; Terminating Touches (timing convention); Palm Facings for Divided Arms

December 29, 1983
Topics: George Balanchine Style: The Head and Epualement, The Chest, Hands, Arm Gestures, Movements

December 30, 1983
Topics: Leg Gestures; Supports; Movements; Positions; Directions; Quality; Timing

Topic: Validity

Topic: Black Diamond

Topics: Validity; Frictionless Turns; Floor Plans (e.g., relative placement of pins)         

February 7, 1984
Topic: Balanchine Project

February 17, 1984
Topics: Balanchine Project; Rehearsal Score

February 20, 1984
Topics: Dancers; Directors
February 28, 1984
Topic: Balanchine Project

May 18, 1984
Topics: Sliding; Center of Gravity; Turns for Whole Arm; Pelvic Tilt in Arabesques; Pins in Chest Turns; Upper-Part-of-the-Body Sign; Inclusions; Tacks in Turn Signs; Hips; Heal Contact in Stepping
June 12, 1984
Topics: Terminology for “Frictionless” Turns; Grasps; Revolving on a Straight Path; Center of Gravity; Entering and Exiting; Meeting Line; Pins vs. Tacks; Support Bows and Contact Bows; Sliding; Action Stroke

June 13, 1984
Topics: Labanotator No. 37; Focal Point; Empty Direction Symbol for Pathway; Indication of Peripheral Pathway; Shift or Step

June 14, 1984
Topics: Old Business; New Business; Feet Touching in First Position; Answers to Jan Moekle (by Ann Hutchinson Guest); Omitting Obvious Taking of Weight; Elongate after Folding; Unfolding after Contraction

June 14-15, 1984?
Topics: Canceling Inclusions; Surfaces of Body Parts; Extremity of the Arm; Weight Shifts
August 2, 1984
Topics: Balanchine’s B-Plus Position; Front Attitude; Front Position of the Arms; Subtle Body Movement; Back to Normal Sign Cancel Body Movement or Its Parts; Spot hold

September 4, 1984
Topics: Space Measurement; Folding
October 1984
Topic: Balanchine Style

March 4, 1985
Topics: Balanchine Style – Back Attitude; Front Attitude; Glassade; Bows; Passé; En dehors Pirouette; Russian Arabesque; Cou-de-pied; Rond de Jambe en l’air; Balancé; Grand Battement; Soutenu; Jeté en tournant; Live Arms; Crois´Devant; Effacé Devant; Ecarté Devant; Ecarté Derriere

March 21, 1985
Topic: Timing

June 3, 1985
Topics: Wavy Line; Pin Usage; Destination Description; Resultant Bows; Body Part Surfaces; Duration Line Vs. Action Stroke; Retained Contact; 8 and 4 Degree Scales for Folding; Center of Gravity in Open Positions; Relationship Indications and Terminology; Wrist Bulge; Facing and Addressing; Canons; Constant Cross; Group Formations; Initiation; Accents

June 3-7, 1985
Topics: Double and Single Bar Lines; Wavy Line; General/Loose Statements; "Ad Lib." Has a Period; Modifications of Relationship Bows; Relationship Pins; Space Hold;  Destination Description With Freedom of Path; Resultant Bows; Beginning/Ending on Either Foot

June 4, 1985
Topics: Penetrating and Inside Relationships; Body Part Surfaces; Leading/Guiding, Bulging; Crossed First Position; Retained Contact; Duration Line/Action Stroke; Second Position Ballet Arms; Center of Gravity Over the Balls of the Feet; "Hand" Hooks; Grasping the Waist 

June 5, 1985
Topics: Hold Sign; Retention symbols

June 5, 1985
Topic: Validity of Part Leading (Guidance) Bow

June 5, 1985
Topics: Facing/Addressing; Lateral Spreading (Separating) and Closing (Joining); Repeats; Arms; Joint Vs. Limb; Contraction/Folding; Hold Weight; Dynamic Signs

June 6, 1985
Topics: Canons: Relating the Extremity of a Limb to the Line of Direction (relating to a person, object, or focal point); Direction for Curved Paths and Turning Space
June 7, 1985
Topics: Vertical, Arc-Shaped Bows;  Motivation; Accents

June 9 and July 3, 1985*
Topics: Placement of  Hooks; Blinded Turns; Passive (Resultant) Turns; Turning While Curving; Small Bow (resulting); Cancellation of a Rotation; Cancellation of a Facing Direction by a Rotation Back to Normal; Carry - Hold; Sliding Along the Leg; Folding the Arm; Cancellation of Facing; Layout of the Score; Stage Left/Stage Right- From Director's or Dancer's Point of View
*Note: The material on page 4 of this document is excerpted from minutes dated July 3, 1985

1986 Discussions

January 9, 1986
Topics: Symbol for the Eyes/Buttocks; 6/8 Scale; General/Specific Signs; Shifting hips and Shoulders; Body Part Symbols Inside a Turn Sign; Sitting; Folding/Contracting

June 5-June 12, 1986
Topics: Falling (when the center of gravity is already center, falling of a limb or body part); Either Side or Either Direction; Understood Carriage of the Arms Vs. Straight; Free End Vs. the Extremity of the Arm; Looking Above; Grasps, Touches; Where Are the Fingertips When the Hand is Up (Place High)

June 9, 1986
Topics: Repeats; Second Position Ballet Arms; Added Detail for Clarification; Cancellation of Rotation/Twist for Body Parts; Repeat Indications; Relationships (meeting lines and mini floor plans); Body Surfaces; Center of Gravity; Nearness; Group Circling in Rank or File; Développé: Use of "V" Sign; Succession Signs; Unfolding; Arms - Placement on the Staff; Head Indications - Sequence of Symbols; Thumb Edge Facings With Arm Rotations

June 10, 1986
Topics: Supports - Placement of Hooks; Stepping and Turning Simultaneously; Resultant Bow; Can a Rotation Cancel a Facing?; Head Facings and Head Tilts; Validity of Contacts; Autography - Placement of Pins; Divided Column; Palm Facings, Thumb Facings; Dynamic Signs; Indication of Passive Turning; Timing of Exits for More Than One Dancer; Numbering of Measures and Counts

June 11, 1986
Topics: Continuation of Circular Path; Two Degree Contraction for Supports; The Exact Performance Symbol Vs. an Asterisk; General Vs. Specific Timing; Sliding Supports and Sliding Steps; Accents

September 3, 1986
Topics: Bow With a Hold Sign at the End; Distal Reference; "X" in the Support Column

1987 Discussions

April 1987
Topics: Body Key; Grasping and Supporting; Timing for Contact and Support Bows; Folding

May 4, 1987
Topics: Headward and Footward; Enclosing Relationship vs Retention of a Relationship; Timing for Contact and Support Bows

May 13, 1987
Topics: Short, Vertical Bow; Facing; "o" Sign in the SC Because of Duration Line; Scoring; Hooks on Supports

May 15, 1987
Topics: Zed Caret with Preparatory Gestures for a Step

June 12, 1987
Topics: Contraction of the Arm; Folding of the Arm

1988 Discussion

June 8, 1988
Topics: Rotating When Off the Vertical; Distance of Sitting; Center of Gravity at the Point of Support; Ambiguous Terminology (Free End, Non Movement Indications); Normal Rotation for Leg Gestures; Time Signs; Definition of Rhythm
June 3, 1996
Topics: Head’s Position when Lying; Carets and Zed Carets; Resultant Bows; Bows and Addressing; Facings; Grasping

June 4, 1996
Topics: Floor Plans; Ad Lib; Away Sign as a Cancellation

1998 Discussions

June 8, 1998
Topics: Succession; Walk with Hip Movement; Foot Hook on Support; Head Area and Head; Accents; Retention in the Body; Turn

June 9, 1998
Topics: ICKL; Secret Turns; Kin vs LN

June 2, 1999
Topics: Turn Signs and Body Parts; Floor Plans; Partial Weight Cancellation; Disappear; Tick Marks for 6/8 Time; Center of Gravity; Distance When Sitting; Flexion; Angling
June 2, 1999
Topics: Floor Work, Floor Plan Issue; Cancellation of Partial Support; Center of Weight; Distance of Sitting Down; Floor Plans; Space/Body Widens; Swivel and Non-swivel Turns; Timing of Relationship Bows

June 2, 1999
Topics: Floor Plan Labels; Floor Work; Floor Plans; Canceling a Partial Weight; 6/8 Time Signature; Center of Gravity; Distance When Sitting; Contraction, Flexing/Bending; Angling; Repeats

June 3, 1999
Topics: Swivel Turn; Contact Bows
June 4, 1999
Topics: Falling, Swiveling/Rolling, Scoring; "X",  Open Position and Pins with Changement; Hip Signs in Support Column; Inclusions; Folding and Stretching; Carets after Back to Normal Sign; Accent Sign and Sound; Ad Lib with Supports; Folding the Elbow

June 4, 1999
Topics: Center of Gravity; Staff; Inclusion Bow; Ad Lib

May 24, 2000
Topics: Spatial Variation; Sign for Digital Center; Deviations; Distance of Travel; Length of Step

May 25, 2000
Topics: Direct Path; Size of Deviation; Time Signs; Initiation Bow; Zed Carets