Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dance Resources: Education, Research, Creation

Submitted by Mei-Chen Lu – September 16, 2014

[Below is a flyer that I received concerning seminars I think would be of interest to the Laban community. The original flyer was in French (see the bottom of this posting). Since I don't speak French, I used Google Translate for the English version shown here.]

SEMINARS: November 25, 2014 at Micadanses - Paris, France
COMPANY LABKINE - organized by Noëlle Simonet




Movement Workshops (10 am to 1pm)

  • Labanotation tool for transmission: acaJOUET and Giselle with Delphine Demont;
  • Choreographers / notators, Myriam Gourfink & Amandine Bajou, of the work "Slow Chewing";
  • Kinetography Laban and Exploration: around the book / DVD # 1 Sketch path with Noëlle Simonet.

Presentation of publications and research (2 pm to 6 pm)

  • Irenaeus Blin: search digitization of Labanotation score: LAN project (Laban Digital Archive);
  • Desfarges Heloise: Kinetography Laban as a tool in the creative process of the play "Rally";
  • Wilfride Piollet publication of "Synthesis of flexible bars "(One and Another Edition, 2014);
  • Naoko Abe: Labanotation and research in humanoid robotics (LAAS-CNRS Toulouse).

Stage presentations and performances (7 pm to 8:15 pm  )

  • The experience of reassembling after partition: Three Odile Duboc Boleros by Valeria Giuga;
  • Signatures (extract), created in 2015 Labkine company: Noëlle Simonet and Raphael Cottin;
  • Kinecticut, performance for three dancers and one musician Daniel Zea, Amandine Bajou, Lorena Dozio, Noëlle Simonet


  • Free admission registration for morning workshops - limited spaces: send an email to cie.labkine@gmail.com;
  • Anyone interested can also attend these public workshops;
  • The afternoon and evening sessions are open to anyone who is interested.

Micadanses - 15 rue Geoffroy Asnier - 75003 Paris - Metro: Saint Paul or Pont Marie
Seminars organized by the Association ARTDIR - cie Labkine (Noëlle Simonet)
with the support of the DGCA - Ministry of Culture, in partnership with Micadanses - Paris

SEMINAIRES 2014-2015



25 novembre 2014 à Micadanses – Paris


Ateliers en mouvement (10h à 13h)
L'outil de notation Laban pour la transmission : acaJOUET et Coffret Giselle avec Delphine Demont
Le couple chorégraphe/notateur autour de l'oeuvre "Une lente mastication" avec Myriam Gourfink & Amandine Bajou
Cinétographie et exploration: autour du livre / DVD#1 Le Croquis de parcours avec Noëlle Simonet

Présentation de publications et de recherches (14h à 18h)
Irénée Blin : recherche numérisation de la partition Laban : projet LAN (Laban Archive Numérique)
Héloïse Desfarges : la cinétographie Laban comme outil dans le processus créatif de la pièce "Rassemblement"
Wilfride Piollet : publication de "Synthèse des barres flexibles" (L'une et L'autre Edition, 2014)
Naoko Abe : notation Laban et recherche dans la robotique humanoïde (LAAS-CNRS de Toulouse)

Présentations scéniques et performances (19h à 20h15)
L'expérience du remontage d'après partition: Trois Boléros d'Odile Duboc par Valéria Giuga
Signatures (extrait), création 2015 compagnie Labkine: Noëlle Simonet et Raphaël Cottin
Kinecticut, performance pour 3 danseuses et 1 musicien: Daniel Zéa, Amandine Bajou, Lorena Dozio, Noëlle Simonet

Réservations :
Entrée libre sur inscription pour les ateliers du matin - places limitées : s'adresser par mail à cie.labkine@gmail.com
Toute personne intéressée peut aussi assister à ces ateliers comme public
L'après-midi et la soirée sont ouverts à tous les publics intéressés

Micadanses - 15 rue Geoffroy l'Asnier - 75003 Paris - Métros : Saint Paul ou Pont Marie
Seminaires organisés par l'association ARTDIR - cie Labkine (Noëlle Simonet)
avec le soutien de la DGCA  - Ministère de la Culture et en partenariat avec Micadanses - Paris

Sunday, August 10, 2014

"10 Folk Dances in Labanotation", Recordings by Marcus Machado

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - August 13, 2014

If you are looking for enjoyable, easy Labanotation readings, you may find 10 Folk Dances In Labanotation, by Lucy Venable and Fred Berk very useful. 

In addition to the readings, the book contains a Labanotation primer and sheet music for the dances.

For a facsimile of the book, as well as Marcus Machado's recordings of all the music in it:

      GO HERE

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Errata and Additional Information for the Elementary Labanotation Study Guide

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - July 17, 2014

To see errata and added information for "Elementary Labanotation: A Study Guide," by Muriel Topaz (1996):

        Go here

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Topics and Links: 2001 Motif Symposium Proceedings and Comments

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - May 31, 2014

Following are postings that pertain to the symposium “Symbols of Our Community…Moving Forward with Motif,” held at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, August 2-4, 2001.

The postings are divided into two parts. In the first part are selections from the symposium proceedings. In the second part are postings that comment on the symposium.

Selections from the 2001 Motif Symposium Proceedings

by Ann Hutchinson Guest
Topics: traveling; stillness; body shape;
by Charlotte Wile
Topics: carving; axial movement; body portions; directions in traveling and axial movement

by Jimmyle Listenbee 
Topic: Still Forms 

by Charlotte Wile - July 16, 2002
Topics: traveling; direction; stillness and pausing; body configurations; body part organization; rotation and revolution; movement literacy

by Tina Curran, Jimmyle Listenbee, Ann Hutchinson Guest, Karen Bell, Warren Lamb

by Odette Blum, Lucy Venable, John Giffin, Jane Dulieu, Jackie Hand, Peggy Hackney Ilene Fox

by  Edward Warburton

by Jimmyle Listenbee and Jessica Lindberg

by Jane Dulieu,
by Jackie Hand

Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium

by Naomi Isaacson - June 8, 2001
Topic: 3-D Shape (Still Forms)

Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium
by Naomi Isaacson - June 8, 2001
Topic: Paths 

by Lucy Venable - June 28, 2001
Topic: Traveling

by Ray Cook - July 2, 2001
Topics: Carving, generic signs, aerial movement, paths, stillness

by Lucy Venable - July 2, 2001
Topic: Still forms

Comments on the 2001 Motif Symposium
by Charlotte Wile - July 2, 2001
Topics: Stillness, traveling, Still Forms

by Ray Cook - July 9, 2001
Topic: Path signs

by Lindsey Hanahan - September 4, 2001
Topic: Carving

by Charlotte Wile - October 11, 2001
Topic: Generic shape indications

by Peggy Hackney - November 9, 2001
Topic: Shape qualities

Friday, May 30, 2014

Topics and Links: 2004 Motif Symposium Proceedings

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - May 30, 2014

Following are selections from “Seeing, Doing and Writing Movement,” Proceedings from the Motus Humanus Advanced Seminar in conjunction with Motif Symposium II, July 15-18, 2004, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (Edwardsville, Illinois).

Links Between Motif and Meter in the Course of Observational Movement Analysis
by Kevin T. Frey
Topic: meter

Constructivism in Action: Motif Writing and K-12 Teacher Preparation
by Mila Parrish
Topic: value of Motif Writing in K-12

Motif Description in Contemporary Film: A Framework for Observation
by Kerry DiLeonardo
Topic: using Motif Description to analyze film

Laban’s Effort and Guest’s Dynamics: A Comparative Lexicon
by Jimmyle Listenbee
Topic: Comparison of "Effort" and "Dynamics"

Language of Dance® Master Classes with Ann Hutchinson Guest
by Jimmyle Listenbee
Topic: LOD approach to understanding movement