Thursday, May 28, 2015

Online Laban Resources from Dick McCaw

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - May 28, 2015
Following are four terrific Laban related recourses from Dick McCaw. 

1) "Three Perspectives on Rudolf Laban's Dimensional Scale":

This is a video that presents Dr. McCaw's understanding of the Dimensional Scale based on the teaching of Geraldine Stephenson, Warren Lamb and Walli Meier.

2) "Performance Pod 202",+Rudolf+Laban./
This is an audio podcast in which Dr. McCaw discusses Laban and his theories.

3) "Laban Collection"

Dr. McCaw created this new online catalogue of Laban materials gathered by the late John Hodgson and now lodged in the Special Collections of The Brotherton Library, Leeds. 

Written descriptive texts to accompany a selection of images and documents from the collection can be accessed in the Laban Collection guide at:

4) "LabanSoucebook," by Dick McCaw.  A partial online preview can be found at Amazon at:
"The Laban Sourcebook offers a comprehensive account of Laban’s writings. It includes extracts from his five books in English and from his four works in German, written in the 1920s and translated here for the first time....
Each extract has a short preface providing contextual background, and highlighting and explaining key terms. Passages have been selected and are introduced by many of the world’s leading Laban scholars."