Friday, February 18, 2011

Symbols for Drawing Motif Notation

Symbols for Drawing Motif Notation
Submitted by Charlotte Wile - February 18, 2011

In response to Brenton Cheng’s request (CMAlist, February 11, 2011) for downloadable notation images, I am offering as one possibility the symbols in “Appendix E”, from Moving About: Capturing Movement Highlights Using Motif Notation, by Charlotte Wile with Ray Cook. The appendix contains many symbols that can be used for drawing Motif Notation.

The appendix as a whole is copyrighted. However, the individual symbols in it are in the public domain. That means the symbols can be copied and pasted anywhere else without attribution or restriction.

Writing with LabanWriter or Calaban is probably much easier, but perhaps this is one way to help those who do not have access to those programs.

To download the appendix, go here.

To preview all of Moving About, go here.

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