Monday, January 25, 2010

Re: What is Effort, part 2

Re: What is Effort, part 2
Submitted by Katrina Hawley

ahhhh Effort!!!!!! I actually really enjoy talking about Effort; it is the act of consciously creating Effort that has proven to be a challenge.

I too do not know what Laban says either way, but I have my own take on Effort. When I am effortful I am not specifically concentrating on whether or not I am being light, strong, or whatever, I am simply expressing myself. So in that situation it is the observer that is analyzing and identifying the specific Effort configuration. I am really envious of the people who have developed Effort as a tool for expression. Being able to say out loud I am going to be light and then actually expressing light weight...well...that is pretty much amazing to me.

So which is it. Well I think that Effort is the external expression and thus analyzed from the outside. We have all experienced the surprise of seeing what we were actually doing on video. So I guess through this maze of verbiage that I have just spit out I will say that EFFORT is the external expression of inner emotive states that is analyzed from an outer place. Maybe there are two kinds of efforts. What do you think about that.

Stepping away from Effort, I was in Vancouver the other day and I saw a building that was a sphere, but not really; it was a conglomeration of pentagons that were supported by triangles, and I also saw at MOMA a video that is on display in the science as art portion that had two scientist doing their experiments in what appears to be the Geodesic dome??? Maybe??? Has anyone seen this video? I also got the chance to see a Lumberjack show while I was in Alaska talk about an efficient use of Space Harmony and an amazing thigh lift. I literally saw a guy climb up the side of a tree. I wish I could see the psoas on that guy.

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